Pulsar Plus offers the ideal balance between small size and powerful performance for smart charging at home; with a charging capacity of up to 22kW. Connect Pulsar Plus to MyWallbox App through Wifi or Bluetooth to control your charging sessions and comes with an integrated type 2 cable.

Commander 2 is designed for home, semi-public or corporate parking areas. Comes with a 7-inch touch screen that allows power adjustment from the screen. It communicates with the MyWallbox Portal or App via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. Commander 2 is available with a maximum power up to 22kW and comes with an integrated type 2 cable.

The Copper SB is suitable for commercial & semi-public use. With a universal socket, the charger is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 cables. Access control is managed through RFID and MyWallbox App. Copper SB is an intelligent device always connected to the MyWallbox charging management platform, meaning power can be distributed amongst various chargers.